It’s Time…for Flu Vaccinations!

As the flu season rolls around, it’s time for flu shots!

How should employers respond to the flu? It is in an employer’s best interest to provide a flu vaccination clinic to their employees and promote flu vaccination in the community. These strategies result in less absenteeism in the workplace and a more focused team. Below are some tips on how to effectively combat the flu season!

Hosting a Flu Vaccination Clinic at Work

  • Employers offering onsite flu vaccination provides employees with a convenient option to get vaccinated
  • Pharmacies and community vaccinators can be contracted to come to the company and provide vaccinations

  • Ask managers to allow employees to visit the on-site flu vaccination clinic

  • Send out company-wide emails as reminders to atten

Promoting Flu Vaccination in the Community

  •       Post flyers and posters around the workplace as reminders for vaccinations in high traffic areas like break rooms and cafeterias
  •       Remind employees and their families to get season flu shots. If children are healthier, parents are more likely to be able to attend work
  •       Allow time for employees to take an hour or two to get flu vaccinations