Tips on Celebrating Halloween at Work

1. Set Guidelines

Prior to the celebration, a company-wide email should be sent out to determine what guidelines are appropriate for costumes. Costumes that may be considered inappropriate, sexually or racially offensive, or dangerous are prohibited.  Costumes that are offensive due to age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, national origin, race, or any other protected class is also not allowed. 

2. Make Accommodations

Companies should allow employees whose religious beliefs take issue with Halloween. Employees should be notified that accommodations will be made for employees because of a conflicting religious belief. Employers should make their Halloween themed events optional instead of mandatory as some people do not celebrate Halloween.

3. Plan Creative Events

Costume Party     

Costume parties may be common, but change it up with the different awards. Notifying everyone in advance on rewards and prizes encourages higher participation. Possible awards can include: best costume, most creative costume, most punny, most likely to give a nightmare, etc. Be sure to block out time for voting so that everyone can see all the costumes as well.


While employers should invest in some decorations to make their office festive, having a “Design the Best Cubicle!” contest is a great way for employees to get involved. Suggest everyone pick a theme like a crime screen and decorate from there.

Halloween Lunch

Whether it is a potluck or catered meal, bring everyone together with food! Set aside time for your team to bond instead of just bringing back food to an employee’s work station. Filling up on pumpkin assortments is highly encouraged!

Pumpkin Carving

Towards the end of the day, have a pumpkin carving contest to wind down! You can invite children of employees if they are interested too. And after handing out some awards the employees have a carved pumpkin to take home too!