Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the busy time when employees may elect or change the benefit options available through their employer. This includes health, dental and life insurance, and voluntary benefits. Open enrollment season usually lasts two to four weeks. For calendar-year benefit plans, open enrollment usually begins November 1st.

Active Enrollment

  • Requiring all employees to select the health care plan and benefits they want each year is important and preferable over allowing them to continue with their selections from the past year.
  • This confirms that they are making the most updated choice for them and their families

Prepare to Educate

  • Health plans are not a one-size-fits-all. Be prepared to educate employees on what each health plan offers and which one would best fit their needs.
  • For instance, a plan with a low deductible and high premiums may not be right for young and healthy employees who rarely go to the doctor


  • Cleary communicate when open enrollment season beings and ends.
  • Employees may put it of to the last minute, so it is advisable to send out weekly reminders.
  • Sending out a benefits booklet home or posting flyers in lunch rooms can also be great alternatives to emailing employee