3 Strategies to Find the Best Candidate

1. Attract Candidates

What attracts candidates to your company? With the group of millennials growing a place for learning and development is crucial to attracting and retaining top talent. Benefits, opportunity for growth, flexibility, and compensation are all important things to consider when recruiting candidates. Employers should make sure to emphasize what makes them unique, like the option to work remotely.

2. Offer Clear Expectations

Creating a clear job description can be tricky. You need to achieve a balance of a concise job description that captures the attention of the candidate, but with enough information that outlines that responsibilities of the position. For legal reasons, it is best to include certain criteria that the applicant will be expected to do if they are offered the position.

3. Communication

Communication is a two way street. While is important to evaluate a candidate’s communication skills, employers must also make sure that they are communicating to the candidate. Communicating in a prompt and respectable manner makes you stand out from companies that never get back to their applicants.