Office Holiday Party

With the Office Christmas Party film releasing, it’s a great reminder of what precautions to take so that your annual holiday party does not turn into a legal and logistical nightmare. Here are some tips on things to consider to plan a fun and safe holiday party!

1. Emphasize Safety

·      Encourage employees to use Uber or Lyft if they are drinking

·      Reimburse or pay for rides to and from company holiday party

2. Limit the Time of the Party

·      If the party is limited to a few hours, employees are likely to drink less

·      This allows enough time for employees to enjoy the party, but not feel obligated to stay for a long period of time

3. Coordinate Activities

·      The Holiday party is a time for co-workers and management to mingle.

·      Plan a schedule that include Secret Santa, a white elephant exchange, and games with prizes

4.  Set Guidelines

·      Send out an email advising employees of the guidelines for the party.

·      Remind employees not to drink excessively, engaging in harassing or aggressive behavior, drive home after drinking, and participating in unwanted physical contact

5. Designate a secret security team (at least 2 people)

·      These individuals can recognize problems before they occur and enforce the company guidelines. It is a good idea to have a couple of people because guests come and go at different times and they can relieve each other so they can enjoy the party.

·      This person or persons will have the authority to take an employee’s keys and call them a cab or refuse additional beverages etc.