How to be an Effective Manager

What does it take to be an effective manager? These are some tips on how to successfully manage a team, produce results, and foster a culture of happiness.

1. Communication-Managers should prioritize communication. Providing meaningful feedback in real time is much more impactful then waiting until next month’s team meeting. In order to effectively communicate with your employees, you must be accessible. Having a strong foundation of communication increases employee engagement overall.

2. Recognition-Employees now want to be recognized on a daily basis for their work. Spot rewarding is significantly effective rather than waiting to the end of the month to recognize an employee’s performance. Employee recognition serves as an effective communications tool that rewards for behaviors you want repeated.

3. Development-Managers should be supportive of their employees’ career development. Asking employees about their career aspirations and identifying areas where they can improve and develop are crucial to retaining talent. An employer’s interest to invest in their employees results in loyalty from employees. Additionally, career development programs are attractive recruiting tools to job-seekers.