Education and Training Time

Employees who spend time at employee-sponsored training must be paid for that time with the following exceptions:

  • Time of training is outside of normal working hours
  • Coursework is unrelated to the employee’s current job, and may be taken to learn a new skill or advance to a higher-rated job
  • Attendance is not mandatory
  • No production work is performed

Employers also do not need to pay employees that attend state-mandated training that do not help employees perform their jobs more efficiently. Additionally, employers that hold mandatory trainings or meetings during lunch or meal breaks must pay the employee for the training time along with meal penalties if they don’t allow employees to take a meal break. Employees are still allowed to take a thirty-minute break in addition to the paid training event if it was a lunch training session. The meal break also must occur before the end of the fifth hour of work. Not allowing the meal break could result in severe consequences such as class action suits and claims for meal break penalties plus interest for the unpaid time.