Guidelines for Halloween

With Halloween approaching around the corner, many offices may allow their employees to dress up. Though Halloween is a time to get creative and make the work environment more fun, it is important to still uphold professionalism.


  1. Prior to Halloween, send out a company-wide email that clearly sets expectations on what costumes are appropriate.
  2. Train your managers. Employers should conduct an informal meeting with managers to inform them that some employees may take issue with Halloween due to religious beliefs and therefore, should be prepared to make accommodations (skipping Halloween dress up, desk decorating, luncheons).
  3. You can plan festive and creative events (keep in mind some may not want to attend and plan accordingly):
  • Potluck for lunch—Have each employee either make or bring an item of food to share with everyone.
  • Best Costume Award –Anonymous voting to choose who wore it best!
  • “Wrap a Mummy” –Create mini teams with your coworkers and pick one to “wrap” in toilet paper. The first one to creatively wrap them wins!

What to Avoid:

  1. Costumes offensive due to religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, race or any other protected class.
  2. Inappropriate or sexually offensive costumes. Employers should still enforce the basics of the company’s dress code such as no shorts or revealing clothing. Provocative costumes could lead to workers feeling uncomfortable or unwanted sexual comments.
  3.  Costumes that may prohibit you from doing your job. Your costume can be creative, but make sure you are still able to work just like any other normal day at the office.

Halloween should be a fun day where you can be creative with your coworkers. Each company has their own unique culture so be sure to plan accordingly to have a successful Halloween.