Do you want to know how to ensure that the on-boarding process goes smoothly? Check out these guidelines for new employee on-boarding.

1. Set clear expectations and responsibilities of the job position.

• Managers should give new hires a set of written guidelines of what is expected in their job role. Outlining specific responsibilities and expectations avoids confusion on what tasks are required.

2. Provide the correct new hire documents

• Many companies only have new employees fill out the I-9 and W-4. However, there are numerous other documents required by law for employees to fill out. If your company needs help with this new hire process, please give us a call.

3. Provide a great first impression

• With a new employee’s first day, their first day sets the tone of their perspective towards the company. Some thoughtful ideas are to prepare the employee’s workstation with welcome gifts, be ready to introduce the employee to others on the team, or take the new hire out to lunch.

4. Clarify company culture

• With new employees unaware of the company’s culture, their manager should be ready to clarify the dress code, policies, and procedures. Giving the new hire a copy of the handbook is necessary to ensure they have a general understanding of the company’s policies.

5. Check in

• On-boarding does not stop just after the first day. It is advisable to have a HR representative follow up with the new hire on how things are going after the first month.