Change in Management


1. Create prioritized, actionable, and realistic goals.

  • Explain where your vision and where you want to see the company go.

2. Ensure job security if possible.

  • Many people feel uncertainty with new leadership. Supportive leadership should speak with individuals and communicate what changes will take place.

3. Discern the need that is felt both from the organization’s perspective and individual.

  • Do people feel positive about the work environment? Ask each employee what changes they would like to see to fit his or her needs.

4. Determine gaps in capabilities and assess hiring needs.

  • Evaluate if a manager is needed or extra support to run the company smoothly.

5. Project management to reflect on the progress of any changes.

  • What is working and what is not working?

6. Continuous communication and dialogue between management and staff.

  • Communication should occur throughout this process and after the transition. This ensures that any concerns or expectations are addressed.