Social Media Policy

Posting about Work on Social Media

As the popularity of social media gradually increases, it has become the principal platform for most people to share their opinions and thoughts. In addition to engaging social media during work, employees may occasionally post about their employers or workplace on their social media platforms. In order to prevent disparaging comments, companies should implement and enforce a social media policy.

Acceptable Social Media Postings:

  • Update your job title and job profile.
  • Help promote products or services that the company has to offer on appropriate social media platforms.
  • Speak of the company and working environment in a professional manner.

Unacceptable Social Media Postings:

  • Release nonpublic, or confidential contents about your company or clients.
  • Make negative and inappropriate public comments in the name of the company.
  • Utilize the company’s names, trademarks, logos, or other intellectual properties without the company’s approval.

How should companies proceed in crafting and implementing their social media policy?

Contact us to construct a social media policy.

  • We will construct a comprehensive social media policy for your company and employees.
  • We will work with you to enforce the policy that you implemented.