360 Reviews

It is important to create a feedback rich environment in the workplace. 360 reviews are designed to obtain performance feedback from employees on their peers, subordinates, managers, and customers, resulting in potential for individual improvement and team development. These reviews help identify a starting point for the development of new skills and measure progress over time. An ideal 360 review should take no more than 15 minutes to complete as longer surveys cause employees to lose focus while filling it out. Why should your company conduct a 360 review? Here are some benefits on conducting 360 reviews.

1. Increases Self-Awareness

  • Employees can see a report that includes their strengths and areas for improvement. 360 reviews can also identify personal blind spots of behavior and the impact that the whole team has that may go unnoticed.

2. Balanced View

  • With 360 reviews, performance appraisal is not just given from the employee’s supervisor, but from a variety of individuals. This combined perspective offers a more comprehensive and insightful evaluation. The employee being reviewed can also do a self-assessment to compare with other reviews.

3. Enhances Performance

  • Conducting 360 reviews gives employees an opportunity to develop their skills. Especially if an employee does not have a fatal flaw, this can give the employee an opportunity to improve upon their strengths. The reviews also provide information about additional training that may be needed.

These reviews should contain questions that can be easily rated on a scale and a section that the employee can fill out additional comments and feedback. If you need assistance conducting 360 reviews, please contact us for pricing.