How Proper Off Boarding Can Help Prevent Data Breaches

In this digital age, where data breaches happen mostly online, it’s important to utilize policies safeguard data not just physically, but also virtually. Because of the mobility of our workforces, employees are granted increasing access to company accounts and information. To prevent employees from inheriting bad cyber security habits, employers should provide guidance about both online and offline behaviors. Moreover, employers must ensure that terminated employees will lose their access to company files or their work computer.

A few tips for proper off boarding:

  • Know what employees have access to.

    • This information should be collected before an employee’s access to computer systems is terminated.

  • Deactivate employees’ access to computers in a timely manner.  

    • This step requires the IT and HR department to communicate with each other.

    • HR should notify IT that a termination has occurred, and IT can more quickly terminate employee’s access to all internal computer systems and collect any devices that will allow them to connect to the company network.

  • Make sure that, if they own files in a file-sharing system, those files are transferred to someone else before their termination.

    • A clear cleanup process is very important.

    • Must have a clear understanding of who will take care of the terminated employee’s files, relationships, or e-mails.

    • Make sure all parties that are relevant to this whole process are in sync. Each department needs to clearly communicate procedures and expectations so nothing will be confused or forgotten.