Interactive Process

The interactive process is when the employer and employee discuss the limitations or performance issues that an employee’s disability may pose. This discussion is utilized to determine what or if any accommodations may be needed.  The interactive process must be an ongoing effort where the employer looks at the job responsibilities and requirements versus any specific physical or mental limitations of the individual that are directly related to the need for reasonable accommodation.

Flexibility in the Workplace

With a 4.3% unemployment rate in California, the market for talented employees is as competitive as ever. But what are steps you can take to retain those quality employees? Applying a flexible perspective in all aspects of the company can truly benefit employers and employees alike.

Why Should Employers Avoid Rigid Disability Leave Policies

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires companies work individually with employees with disabilities to provide them with the necessary and reasonable accommodations to do their jobs. Inflexible disability leave policies that fail to assess the employee’s individual needs can lead to company risk.