How to Reduce Unwanted Turnover

Reducing turnover is a balance between finding the right talent and retaining that talent.

According to the Center for Nonprofit Management’s (CNM) Southern and Central Compensation and Benefits Report, 36% of participants of the report have trouble retaining their top performers due to their inability to offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Equal Pay in California

California has already prohibited employers from asking applicants for prior salary history information. But on April 9, 2018, the Ninth Circuit issued an equal pay decision that an employer cannot justify a pay difference between male and female employees by relying on prior salary.

ICE Raids and What Employers Should be Aware of

Recently, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) cracked down on multiple employers and arrested over 21 undocumented workers. Such action sends a strong reminder to U.S. businesses regarding hiring and employing an illegal workforce. ICE announced their enforcement about the law, and that if employers are found to be breaking the law, they will receive appropriate consequences.

How Does DACA Affect Businesses?

The DACA program was created in 2012 by President Barack Obama. This program issued deportation relief as well as work permits for a numerous amount of undocumented immigrant children who came to the United States and met certain background criteria. However, earlier this month the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that DACA was making actions to put an end to the program.

New Design for Green Cards and Employment Authorization Documents

On May 1, 2017, the USCIS will begin issuing new, and redesigned Permanent Resident Cards (“green cards”), and the Employment Authorization Document (EAD). However, both existing and new green cards and EADs will continue to be valid until the expiration date shown on the documents.