Creating Job Descriptions

Why are job descriptions important? While they give applicants a sense of what the job entails, it provides the employer with a clear understanding of how each job fits into the company’s structure, helps achieve the organization’s goals, and defends against claims of hiring or promotion discrimination. Additionally, essential physical functions of jobs should be listed so employers can make reasonable accommodations when possible.

Below is a list of items that should be included in a job description.

1.     Essential job duties/responsibilities

  • This sets forth clear expectations for the job.

2.     Skills

  • Technical, language, or other skills are outlined to illustrate what applicants should already be proficient in to perform the job adequately.

3.     Physical Requirements

  • Describing physical requirements that are necessary such as being able to lift 25+ lbs, ability to see, and driving requirements is important to determine reasonable accommodations for the job.

4.     Education and Experience Requirements

  • Allows an applicant to determine if they are qualified to apply. Certifications or licenses should be listed under here.