Performance Goal Setting

Why should your company set goals? Setting goals helps continuous improvement of the company along with the development and growth of employees. By setting goals we are also more likely to achieve them. A great way to set up goals is using the SMART acronym to touch on all of the below items.


  • Goals should be concrete, detailed, and focused.
  • What is your goal? How often or how much?


  • Goals should use tangible and measurable terms
  • What milestones can I use to track progress toward completion? What measurements can I use?


  • Goals that you can actually accomplish, challenging, but not impossible
  • Is that goal reasonable enough to be accomplished?


  • Goals should be relevant and actually matter if completed
  • Is the goal relevant to the employee’s job? Why is this goal important?


  • Goals should have deadlines for completion
  • Have I included dates in my goals? What are the earliest, yet achievable dates for this goal to be started and completed?