Employee Engagement

What encourages low engagement among your workforce and what can you do to solve it? Here are a couple of things to think about. Let us know if you want to talk about engagement and we can set up some time to address this major concern today.

1.     Poor communication throughout the organization

  • There may be a disconnect between the executive team and the rest of the workforce. Encourage executives to lead visibly and reach every employee in the organization rather than just management.
  • Conducting weekly 1x1 meetings throughout the year encourages connection. If the only time you discuss an employee’s performance is their work anniversary, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with your employees and have ongoing dialog about improvement, growth, and their development.

2.     Failure to offer meaningful work

  • Do your employees feel important? Do you want to create a company culture where each individual realizes their work is making an impact? It is vital that you communicate with your employees on how the company’s vision aligns with the work that is performed by the organization and each individual.